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The Birger Sandzén

Thank you to all our participating bidders.

The Birger Sandzén Collection – Part 2


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Art + Design March Auction with included The Birger Sandzén Collection. 

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Full List of Birger Sandzén Prints Included in Auction: 

  • A Kansas Stream
  • Arroyo in the Foothills
  • Arroyo with Trees
  • At the Timberline
  • Birches
  • Blue Valley Farm
  • Cathedral Spires
  • Corner of Nevadaville 
  • Coronado Heights (minor blemish in image)
  • Flooded Meadow
  • Gypsum Creek
  • Hills and Poplars
  • In Old Central City
  • In the Desert, Arizona
  • In the Grand Canyon
  • In the Meadow
  • Kansas Wheatfarm
  • Lake in the Rockies
  • Meadow Pond
  • Mountain Aspens
  • Mountain Stream
  • Nils Gustaf’s House
  • Old Willow
  • Old Windmill
  • Pastures
  • Pine and Aspen
  • Pines at Sunset
  • Prairie Pond
  • Prairie Stream
  • Riverbank with Cedars
  • Riverbend
  • Rocky Mountain Lake
  • Rocky Promontory
  • Rocky Shore
  • San Miguel Church
  • Smoky River
  • Smoky River at Sunset
  • Stevenson Lake
  • Smoky Valley Farm
  • Stream with Willows
  • Sunset in the Mountains (Not signed or titled)
  • The Castle by the Sea
  • The Cathedral
  • The Colonnade
  • The Cottonwood Tree
  • The Friendly Lake
  • The Guardian Poplar
  • The Hillside Farm
  • The Last of the Scouts
  • The Old Cecil Homestead
  • The Winding Stream
  • Toward Evening
  • Waves
  • White Rocks
  • Willow and Cottonwood
  • Trees of the Timberline
“I have done two experiments in lithography and I am glad to say they are a perfect success.”

-Birger Sandzen to a former student describing his first attempts in lithography. 


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'The Castle By The Sea'

1930, Pencil-Signed Lithograph, Edition of 75

Sold for $700 (including B.P.)


'White Rocks'

1942, Lithograph on paper, Edition of 100

Sold For $650 (including B.P.)

'Mountain Aspens'

1932, Lithograph on Paper, Edition of 100

Sold for $800 (including B.P.)


1915, Lithograph on paper, Edition of 50

Sold for $700 (including B.P.)